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The Way Back (feat. Shimi)
It's been a while.
Since you've stepped back home.
You survived the infamous winds.
Welcome to the way back.
Welcome to the way back.
Shine (feat. Onyra)
Shine is it true? Am I blind?
Star, am I far? Are you lying?
Why should I believe I will find you?
If I see your light it ain't mean you are alive.
Past Calling (feat. John Becker)
Am I?
My eyes are blinded by the moonlight
Am I?
Hope (feat. Biometrix)
My visions blurry now
Need a time out, need to find out how to
break through to the other side
I'm Tired of falling down
If I can't see from the outside how can I criticise?
Any Other Way (feat. Anna Vellington)
Time’s running out so fast, oh
You could rise or could fall
My body starts to fail
LOST (feat. Onyra)
Our mind never stops
hoping, but life
Knows when it’s time
To get lost
FALLING (feat. Shimi)
Desolate grounds
Beneath your limbs
Out of reach