Lost Identities

Before we met each other and decided to start collaborating, both of us worked intependently for six years. Yet, we knew something was missing, we felt like walking down a path, without knowing
where our next step would be layed.
We got together and, even before the collaboration was born, a feeling of mutual respect and deep friendship was ignited.
When confronting our ideas we realized that our individual journeys had been parallel ones all along, so we decided to start up this duo.
Together, in 2018, we created this new project called Lost Identities. The name draws inspiration from the quest that each of us follows in the long journey in the discovery of ourselves.

There are no maps, no indication or signs, you can only rely on yourself and start your journey.
At the beginning of all of this, we dropped the masks we thought were our very own true identities, in order to create something that could best represent our actual view on both music and reality in general.
We don’t pretend to know which road is the right one to follow, but what we can and what we aim to do is lead each and every new Identity in their own journey in the pursuit of themselves, no matter what individual road is chosen.
And when lost in the research, we hope our music may motivate you to dive deeper and go further.

Growing fast in the bass music scene, Lost Identities started in 2018, with two releases on Trap Nation.
In early 2021 we proudly released “Homing Instinct”, our first concept album – anticipated by the
infamous winds of “Another Round” – that fully represents one of the main themes of our artistic project.
An immersive journey of an Identity trying to find themself, that will keep you on edge in a place without space and time, up to the solemn and dramatic end of “Falling – Finale”.
After the success of “Homing Instinct”, we signed two releases on NoCopyrightSounds, the first
being an official remix of “Rival x Neoni – Throne” and the second one being our first single on NCS, “For Me”.

The combination of the heavy, aggressive bass, along with atmospheric, melodic breaks, as well as their more melodic and emotional songs, marks Lost Identities’ tracks with their signature sound.
The characteristic dualism combines Gianluca’s more futuristic sound design skills and Andrea’s mastery in music theory, given his classical background (having graduated in Conservatorium).
Two apparently different worlds, collide perfectly in their tracks, resulting in an innovative bass
wave, parallel to the melodic dubstep scene, that aims for a two-way conception of music: on one
side the artists shape musical worlds that bring the fundamental message of every song to life; on
the other, the listeners join in on the journey to become a essential part of the community of
Identities that all share the same path.
The same artist-to-listener relationship is conveyed in their live performances, where playing
instruments such as ROLI, flute, duduk, keyboards and drums, steps up the energy of every show to
a whole new level.

Are you a lost identity too?

Why don't you find out for yourself.